World TESOL Academy Review:

In this World TESOL Academy review, we took a look at the quality of their course. I signed up for this course because I was intrigued about the price $34! Surely this price must be too good to be true right? Well the short answer is YES! It is too good to be true. It’s just like them crappy Groupon courses that you can get for $19. This course was 100% put together by someone that has no experience in TEFL/TESOL. We can tell the course was put together by an in-experienced and a non-native speaker due to the fact that almost every module had grammatical errors in them.

I’m not saying non native speakers are bad teachers, I have met non natives that can teach better than some native speakers. However, when you see so many grammar mistakes in a course that is supposed to help future teachers, this rings alarm bells for me.

See screenshot of UK company house. I was right the owners name is clearly not a native speakers name.


They say on their website that they are accredited by a company called ETQC. When you look at the ETQC website, it looks like it was built by the same people who made the world TESOL Academy website. It’s very common for SCAM TESOL course providers to quickly create an accreditation website to fool students in to buying their courses. So we looked both websites up on and both websites were created within 3 weeks of each other! I think that is very suspicious or maybe it is just a coincidence. But I am 99% sure that both websites are built from the same people, considering the themes on both sites are the same and they were only created within a couple of weeks from each other. They are both very new as well.

See screenshots from

Screenshot of ETQC. Website is only 117 days old

Screenshot of World TESOL Academy. Only created 92 days ago.


From what we have gathered from all our research on this company, we have concluded that this is a very cheap TESOL mill company.

Very poor course modules, can be completed in one weekend, has grammar mistakes in every module. The owner is obviously someone just looking to make a quick buck out of students that are on a tight budget. If anyone is thinking of taking this course, please think twice about it and pick a reputable TESOL course provider. Yes you won’t spend much money but in the end you will lose out . Your certificate will be worthless.

I have years of experience and have seen TESOL course providers over years quickly create a cheap and poorly designed course just to make some money and it’s not fair on the people that actually want to learn TESOL. Their accreditation is clearly fake and put together by the same people as world TESOL Academy. Do you really want to take a course from someone that has no experience?

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